Episode 3 – Under The Mattress


Get rushed the morning of your choice — we hit the deflated football controversy, Marvel sequels, and stuffed veggies of too many kinds. Plus we hit your call-in voicemails, which you can send in to rush@chainsawsuit.com (MP3 please!) and we may answer them on-air.

Plus a shout-out to everyone who made our panel at PAX South a huge success. It was an awesome hour. Thanks everyone!

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28 Responses to Episode 3 – Under The Mattress

  1. Robopengy says:

    Hey Mikey! It's me, the guy who tweeted to you about Backstrom! I saw another show you guys made fun of all those months ago when it was just a pilot. The show "Bad Judge" featuring Kate Walsh as a…bad judge! It was so unbelievably terrible, especially the last scene where Judge Rebecca is trying to complete her 1,000 case before the court closes for the day. How you ask? By having everyone talk fast and railroading the defendant, answering for him when asking if he plead guilty, not letting his defense lawyer speak, etc. in one of the scariest miscarriages of justice I've ever seen. The good news is, it was instantly canceled in the same month it started.

    Pardon all the exclamation marks, but I'm just to excited to finally see these pilots you guys talked about come to life! And they are as bad as you predicted!

    • frostyplum says:

      That reminds me of a gimmick on Night Court where they had to do something really urgent, then got a defendant that………talked………just……….like…………this. IIRC, they did it not once, but twice.

  2. Giggleloop says:

    (psst, it was PAX South, not PAX East. :) )

  3. snackpunk says:

    when asked to choose a preferred freaky friday scenario, kris wants to be a girl version of kris and mikey wants to be a version of kanye west who is unwilling to poop

    • snackpunk says:

      kris's is cuter if more conventional for the genre and mikey's sounds like the long-awaited sequel to being john malkovich

  4. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Ruh-roh. No separate post for the PAX show means I'm going to need to be very self conscious of my rambling, lest this become a 1500 word behemoth. Get your finger ready for some scrolling, oh bravest of comment readers.

    Since Twitch viewership count is public, I decided to have a little fun (I mean, as fun as statistics can be…) keeping track of the rise and fall of numbers as the show went on. The show started 7 minutes after it was scheduled, during that delay 18% of the online audience was lost. Once the show started, only 8% was lost through the duration. Interesting stuff.

    My favorite moments were from Kris during the quiz, "The prize: a new son", "This is normalized to a curve of one", "Under the Red October the whole time was the Red November – it was running silenter and deeper", "And I don't get a dad. The real loser of this game, was me."

    Oh, and I tied Mikey's dad thanks to deciding to trust the audience against every instinct I had. Silly me.

    I also really loved Mikey's instant "Oh, so you're too good for us." after hearing that AnimationGuy had done work for Rooster Teeth.

    *Presses honesty button* I do think Mikey's energy level was little too high though. Even if it included my favorite moment above, it was a bit strange that nearly every audience participant had their sentences interrupted which seemed to fluster a couple of them. I noticed the same thing happening during the Gearbox panel I watched when the developer guests rotated in and out.

    I want to underline there's nothing wrong with that level of energy and style of conversation when everyone's on the same page (Rooster Teeth thrives on this style), but when that's not the case the disparity of energy/style can feel discordant or even rude.

    Rush 3
    I think this may be my favorite of the 3 Rushes since they started being uploaded. I particularly enjoyed going behind the scenes on Hour 2 in the third hour, absolutely fascinating stuff.

    I was going to say: "It seemed like the background music may have been even lower this week than last? Maybe it's my imagination. Regardless, it seemed to be at a good level for my tastes/ears." but then I actually went back to check and found the music fades out entirely. Since I didn't even realize that while listening, I'd place it squarely under the "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all" gold standard.

    Mikey: "I'm flying in a car, with friends." 2015 HYPE

    Speaking of FutureHype, Kris mentioned having no idea what the Microsoft Hololens stuff would really look like, since all he'd seen was the slick trailer. But, they did also give a live demo. Even so, I also remain skeptical of what the quality of the end result will be. But, as Kris said, it's an important step forward. The promise of this is incredible. The idea of being able to throw arbitrarily sized virtual screens into the air and walls around me is massively exciting and causes me to spit on the monitor I'm typing this on in disgust. Right now seeing CRTs in older movies feels quaint and nostalgic; 20 years from now seeing any physical screen indoors might cause the same feeling.

    Doing a very different style of quiz was fun. My results were identical to Kris' for the first puzzle, my 3 strikes were "BB/Slingshot", "Homework", and "Cigarettes." In the second puzzle I may have done slightly better than Kris, it depends on whether the Family Feud judges are generous enough to say "Eh, whatever" and regard lettuce as being close enough to cabbage.

    Kris was really firing on all cylinders this week since I think the idea of being expelled for calling a tomato a vegetable, DeForest hams being "raised skinless – they don't live long", and the sincerity of "I would love to hear more erotic voices for me to play back later on for myself." were some of my favorite bits this week. Bringing him to a total of 7 "A+" moments between this and the PAX show. Impressive.

    I personally think Kris has the right view on Freaky Friday protocols, although I would advise hitting a gym for at least an hour to make 100% sure you're adhering to the "leave any body you snatch a little better than you found it" scout rule.
    … huh. It's now dawning on me that may have been a cult I joined as a kid rather than scouts.
    It would explain a lot.

    Aaaaaand 777 words. Well, it's not 1500, but it's still probably going to be 50-95% longer than other comments. There's nothing wrong with long comments (Reddit thrives on it), but it's likely that the disparity between those lengths of comments could feel discordant or even rude.
    Survey Says: "People Who Can't Take Their Own Advice" is the #1 answer.

  5. SanityisOverrated says:

    I am loving the new podcast thus far. The Pax-South panel is getting me super hyped for the Pax-East.. I went to the panel last year and it was the panel that made me laugh the hardest and the longest. You guys are great and I look forward to seeing where the podcast goes from here.

  6. Marta says:

    The phrase "America's Radio Capital of the World" deserves much more credit than it has been given so far.

  7. Hyetal says:

    Great episode, guys. The PAX panel was real fun, too.

    Re: Steve Harvey, is he really a national treasure? From what I've seen, he seems like a bigoted douchebag.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az0BJRQ1cqM (The first few clips are more, "Eh? Okay." But then it gets pretty damn stupid.)

    I've definitely hit on some Family Feud clips where he's doing the funny, but after seeing interviews with him, he just isn't worth paying attention to.

  8. Jor-El says:

    Guys, hate to break this to you, but only 3 of the items on that list of "vegetables you can stuff" were vegetables. The rest were all fruits. Celery, artichoke, and cabbage are vegetables. Peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants are all fruits. And if you want to get real specific those fruits are all technically berries.

    Also its outrageous that potatoes weren't an answer. Did people not stuff potatoes in the 70s? Is that a modern development? Who are these people being surveyed?!

  9. frostyplum says:

    I agree that this is the best show yet. #2 threatened to become what the thing it parodies; this feels like a return to form, i.e. Kris being unaccountably filthy. I'm also relieved Celebrity Stumped was given a breather. How many ways can famous people be deflected from a radio station?

    Besides feeling that the background music undercut the Honesty Bar breakout, I'm glad you guys are getting outside your respective comfort zones. I've always been excited about Mikey pushing Kris to do new things, despite his gobbled time. I'm more in tune with Kris's mindset of blossoming under constraints; it's interesting to see just what you can do with a certain handful of ingredients. Too many options and choices gives me paralysis. That's my excuse for sucking at Scribblenauts, anyway.

    As for good ol' Dicky D…my mom had kind of a thing for him, so I grew up thinking he was a-okay. I'm loathe to go back and see what the leathery emcee was really like through adult eyes. Egh.

  10. thehess2 says:

    Kris' dad wearing a "Rutabagas" sweatshirt…that makes me chuckle. We have incredible synergy in the starch area.

    Nicely done, gents. I'm now off for my late research shift at the ARH. I just need to pick up a few treatment components at the Quik Check…

  11. LMcCJ says:

    First PAX: Great panel. It wasn't until you mentioned the end of css: the podcast and birth of Morning Rush that it really hit me the podcast was over. We didn't even get to say goodbye. It saddened me. The people we met here in Comments, the masticating, all the Dougs… sigh. Loved seeing Mr. Neumann Sr. Loved to hear him working the crowd: apple, tree–very nice. 7/10 on the quiz.

    Amateur Research Hospital and Lifetime Movie Adaptation of Amateur Research Hospital were hysterical. Great premise. I look forward to Fifty Shades of Whatever Kris Delivers. #KrisDelivers

    Morning Rush: The State of the Union is a relic from the past. Utterly useless, except for morning after memes and most of them aren't very good (we've seen Boehner the Orange a million times). Of course Ginsberg fell asleep, she li'trally has 100 more important things to do.

    Dicky, Dicky, Dicky, Dicky…the 70s were a scary time.

    Looking forward to Mikey's reflections on JCCC5. Kris, stay safe and off the streets after Seattle's win. Meet you all back here next week!

  12. RoboGoofers says:

    I'm imagining a freaky-friday situation where the conflict has been resolved and you switch bodies back, and then mid-switch, when no one is fully in control, the "no bathroom" rule is going to come back to haunt you.

  13. mlr00 says:

    Really enjoyed this episode

    I enjoy listening to the show in the car for greater authenticity. I'm kidding, but actually listening in the car makes it a performative experience because I'm playing the role of someone commuting to work listening to talk radio in the morning. As someone who didn't own a car for 10 years of her adult life, driving to/from work still seems surreal to me and this makes it even more so!

  14. pretty please says:

    Mikey could you please tell us the name of the song you use for the introduction of movies with mikey???

    • Giggleloop says:

      It's a piece of music he licensed, that's all I know. Does Shazam get anything from it? Just a thought.

  15. Giggleloop says:

    Finally, I've found time to collect my Morning Rush thoughts! (It's been a busy couple of weeks.)

    Regarding gif/jif pronunciation, "I like to hit that G *hard*. That's how we do it on the streets!" It will always be jif for me. I think I associate that J sound with image formats. Jpeg, jif — if I could pronounce bitmap with a hard "juh" sound, I would.

    "General Electric: g'bye" made me giggle. (As is my purview.)

    Rosemary and garlic salt on popcorn sounds *amazing*. Then again, rosemary and garlic on just about anything sounds good to me. I'm a fan.

    I loved the commercials, was glad to hear them again after the PAX South show. Especially since I confess that during the panel, I closed my eyes while listening to them, to better focus. I'm weird like that. :)

    I didn't play along with the quiz, but I did enjoy it. Loved the "long thin microphone" sound, so warm! Kris's laughs were delightful. "#5 – Frog!" "What the HELL?!"

    HONESTY BAR – I greatly appreciated this part of the show. Pressing my own Honesty Bar for a moment, the thing I've worried most about with the new format, was that it would lose the parts of the show which I loved the most, which is when you two just talk about things open and honestly. I worry that with the constraints of the morning radio format, that might disappear altogether, which would sadden me. On one hand, I can see how it provides a ripcord to pull when one of you is uncomfortable with the direction of a conversation. But on the other hand, I hope it doesnt end up stifling what might be some really interesting stuff, if used too hastily. If that makes sense. I'm still not really 100% sure about the new format, but as always I trust you & will keep listening. (My thought was that if the over-arcing theme of Morning Rush is going to be a gradual break/deconstruction of the show's format/constraints, that could be brilliant. But then, it's your show, and I'll still be listening, regardless!)

    Freaky Friday – it absolutely fits with your personalities that Mikey would be body conscious while in someone else's body, and Kris… Well, Kris would be Kris. :) Also, if I'm not mistaken, this is at least the third time this question has been brought up. Your fans just really want that genre show trope, body swap episode, guys.

    Thanks again for an awesome PAX. Hope you get a bit of time to rest before PAX East!

  16. The Dude says:

    I want you guys to create a Patreon milestone where you hire Kyle Douglas to be your official historian and he creates the fan wiki. I would contrib to that!

    • Kyle_Douglas says:

      In the beginning, there was chainsawsuit. Then the podcast was formless and empty, in the shadow of the webcomic, with Kris and Mikey hovering over the microphones.

      But in time, They said "let there be Rush," and there was Rush. They saw that it was good, and They separated the webcomic from the podcast. They called the first segment "rundown," and the second "stump." And there were voicemails and comments – the first Morning Rush.

      The Wiki of Kyle 1:1

  17. ParSpectator says:

    70's people had never heard of stuffing a squash? Like an acorn squash?
    That was my first thought
    (olives were second. Are they a fruit that's also a vegetable? Like squash and cucumbers? Tomatoes aren't the only member of that club you guys)

  18. Giggleloop says:

    Hey guys… Do you need a mod for this here comment section? I'd be happy to volunteer. Let me know!

  19. LMcCJ says:

    Robot burn! Ouch.

  20. LMcCJ says:

    The facts, guys, the facts!

    The earlier post is how I imagine all for-profit research papers are written and this is how I believe all online "Homework Help" is evaluated. I love it…just this once.

  21. LMcCJ says:

    French porn! Now that's different.

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