Episode 15 – Reboot Scootin’ Boogie


WAKE UP ALREADY, can’t you see? We’re slathering your omelette with a ladle-full of Mornin’ Sauce — the real deal!

We look at the FIFA controversy concerning Blatt Snapper, dive into series we’d reboot and remake for the modern age, and try to survive a reboot ourselves! Filmed in front of a live studio microphone.

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22 Responses to Episode 15 – Reboot Scootin’ Boogie

  1. Kyle_Douglas says:

    Hm, I already listened to the new 28 Plays today. Am I really going to listen to Morning Rush just a handful of hours later? Um, yes. Obviously. Who do you think you're asking that?

    My favorite quote of the episode came really early on with Mikey's "You're dockin' my alimony!" That's got sitcom catchphrase written all over it.

    Kris: "I am just psyched to meet Breckin Meyer."
    It's pretty sad to hear Kris didn't get to meet Meyer even briefly when he and Djimon Hounsou were starring in the (very) short-lived F Chords TV Series.

    Speaking of continuity: Small Wonder: RESET THE CLOCK. Last Reference: 8 Weeks Ago.

    Mikey's Get Smart: "It's like, he's always bad – at everything. It's like Inspector Gadget. You would be fired so quickly!" It was hard to tell from the tone of this whether you picked it merely because they're similar shows or because of the actual connection. But, if you're not aware, prepare to have your mind blown: Inspector Gadget was voiced by Don "Maxwell Smart" Adams!

    My vote for a reboot of NBC Nightly News would be giving it to Harry Shearer doing his Kent Brockman voice. He's got time now.

    I was super glad Mikey called out Kris' WWE reboot as basically being the same as Star Trek 2009. But then I was pretty disappointed that Kris went with directly calling out Leonard Nimoy. Why not follow through with the mirroring and say that the real Hulk Hogan would travel back in time and meet his younger self due to a timeline disruption caused by Triple H going back in time to fix all his mistakes? I mean, he certainly would stop himself from challenging Undertaker in Wrestlemania…

    Alright, I've already exhausted everything I learned from Wrestling Isn't Wrestling, so I'll stop pretending I know what I'm talking about.

    I think I'd rate this on the lower end of the existing Rushes, but still an enjoyable listen.

  2. Steve says:

    Hello. There's a fan theory that we've already had a family friendly show about a child Walter White, Malcolm in the middle. So really rebooting that. Then you just get the new malcolm out of the disney kid star growing vats and away you go. Though a Malcolm in the middle reboot, with an eye on tying it into breaking bad could be fun.

  3. Ryan says:

    Oh man, I've had an idea for a Jaws reboot kicking around for a while now. I feel like there's basically no way to remake the original premise of the first movie and have it be good, so my solution: make it a period piece. I'll even let them do that Hollywood thing and just call the movie "Jaws" for branding appeal, but instead of remaking the first movie's plot, it's an original story centered around the real-world incident that inspired the Jaws novel: the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks.

    No one really knew much about sharks back then, which is part of why the attacks became a media sensation, so I feel like there's a lot of good horror mileage there, tying into the shark's role as an unseen, unknown monster from the deep. And like you guys said, because the shark works so well when it's not on-screen, they could devote that much more time to developing the characters and making them more than just walking chum. It's not often that I actually WANT Hollywood to remake something so classic, but I really feel like this idea has legs. Or… fins, or whatever.

  4. Robopengy says:

    No joke, two current WWE wrestlers are actually using the gimmick of being old wrestlers. Damien Sandow is Macho Mandow and Curtis Axel is Axelmania.

  5. SheanaM says:

    Following the FIFA scandal has been *fascinating*. Everybody's been complaining about FIFA's corruption for basically forever now, but it took them randomly handing a future World Cup to a tiny country with little local interest in soccer, hot desert weather that's terribly suited to it, and a shocking amount of worker deaths to make people go "okay yeah that's enough".

    "That was oddly sexual" Be honest, Mikey. That could describe multiple interactions between and statements by you guys in every episode!

    A simple Jaws remake played as a horror movie keeping the mostly-unseen shark aspect would destroy me, augh. Even though many people, including the author of the original novel, have recanted and made a point of discussing how misunderstood and fascinating sharks are. Mainly because a hefty chunk of my greatest fears and nightmare scenarios involve the dark and inescapable ocean deeps and the various horrible, hungry creatures living in it.

  6. BostonSeanyD says:

    a similar game my friends and i like to play is "reboot or robot"
    would a piece of media be better off if it was rebooted or simply remade with a robot as the lead (the script needs to be 99% the same in the case of the robot option)
    for instance: Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark would be be better if they just recast Indy as a robot but kept the same basic script.
    Oddly enough Irobot needs a reboot to be any good.

  7. Secretly Gay Nate says:

    I'm gonzo thrilled that you two are able to self-publish your shenanigans. In addition to being creative, thoughtful, and funny, you bring the second rare quality of Mikey's compulsion to production quality. There are zillions of creative and funny people in the word, but his efforts, I suspect, are the difference between listenable and can't miss. Honestly, I have no idea when he sleeps, but he is making the world a better place.

    And here's the big butt (aimed at Mikey). The power to self-publish invites us all to George Lucas ourselves. With no one to say, "uhmm, no. That's not why we're here," our little vanities are given room to flourish. So lemme be annoying for a moment, and I hope you'll consider my (no doubt) insulting feedback. I don't tune into the Morning Chainrushsaw for Mikey's thoroughly pedestrian top-40 political views. I do listen to hear two interesting honest people, to laugh, and for the occasional fascinating rumination on the creative arts. You really have things to say, (big)butt it is only vanity, a peculiar danger of self-publication, that insists that all of what Mikey wants to say is deserving of broadcast. Since there is no Perry White to edit you, you've got to edit yourself. I understand that your political views are passionately held, but they're not the part of Mikey that makes the world of thought and entertainment better. It might be easier to overlook, but you also display the tiresome tendency to speak as though all reasonable people agree with you. You're the hick uncle that insists on believing that everyone secretly nods along with his racial innuendos. Like the uncle's relatives, I'm not going to waste my time pretending I can talk you out of your opinions, but I'm the quietly wincing, secretly gay nephew nudging you back to a better topic. It's a sin for a performer to bore his audience, but it's a worse sin to insult them while you bore them. Please better conceal your contempt for me.

    Fox News sux; Rachel Maddow w00t. yawn. These are your Midichlorians. Let him who as ears to hear…

    • Giggleloop says:

      I admittedly don’t have strong political views on most things, but I’m kind of astounded by how strongly you seem to feel about this episode..? I didn’t get any kind of vibes that anything said here was so divisive? Maybe it’ll be clearer on a relisten.

      But at any rate, there isn’t really a need for such venom, even if you disagree with what was said. We can all speak calmly like civilized adults about our disagreements.

      (Or maybe by responding, I’m just feeding a troll. *shrug*)

      • Secretly Gay Nate says:

        not specifically this episode. Been listening since CSS Ep1. Over time it's just become more common, and I finally said something. I don't think there's venom here, just an observation and some feedback. Also, divisive things are usually only apparent when the 'other' says something about it. Till then, the echo-chamber does its thing.

    • BostonSeanyD says:

      i know exactly what you mean, however i have been unable to communicate it in a good fashion. especially because i agree with his political leanings I just feel that expressing them in such an absolute fashion is never a good idea.
      That being said, it is HIS (well their) podcast so they can talk about what they like

      • Secretly Gay Nate says:

        Of course, Mikey and Kris can do as they like with their show – again, the glories of self publishing. =)

        I've been thinking about it for several months now, and I think the modern internet celeb is an interesting beast. It used to be that there was a clear distinction between the public persona of a performer and the private. The 3rd party publisher/editor enforced this, managed the brand. Not so with many of the internet celebs. I've followed the PA guys for a number of years as well, and this direct-to-audience internet medium invites a kind of tender intimacy, a kind of pretend friendship. The celebrity can actually "come out" about all sorts of things. Mikey has talked about his own health issues on the podcast in heartbreaking detail (thank you!). The PA guys have very helpfully discussed their mental health challenges. It can be a wonderful healing thing for both the celeb and the audience. It can also be confusing for both parties – where is the performance and where is the person? We all seek to be intimately understood and accepted. The performer might begin to forget, or hope, that the anonymous masses of the intarwebs are real friends – friends that are willing to listen to whatever rant comes to mind. I know part of the magic is that the audience gets to pretend for a while that they really know the performer.

        Unlike with real friends, though there is no reciprocal respect, the confidence that, whatever is said in the rant, the speaker doesn't really mean to call you a snaggle-toothed hatemonster just because he doesn't understand your thinking on a political or social issue. It's one way. The performer doesn't see that they are grievously insulting a real person that has extended them some trust and loyalty. Perhaps worse, the performer doesn't fully humanize the persons of the audience in their mind and consciously doesn't care what offense they give actual individuals.

        So my only point is that folks like Mikey (and Kris, though he shows I think a wiser restraint in these things) ought to remember that real people are tuning into their syndicated morning show to enjoy their art. Mikey and Kris's art is in humor, industry commentary, endearing transparency, and the playground they make of the pop-culture. There hasn't been a demonstration of any interesting political or social commentary (and this is important) not already done much better elsewhere. Know your brand, I guess. It's just a waste to drive people away from what the artist does well by resolutely mixing in… other stuff, for which he has no interesting contribution. I'm not saying this stuff should never come up. It probably often should! Just… speak with more humility and less contempt.

        Anyway. if that's trolling I give up.

        • Giggleloop says:

          Having these kinds of discussions on the internet is always tricky business; so much can get miscontrued or misread. You clearly have a very real issue that concerns you, and have explained it thoroughly, and I apologize for suggesting you were trolling. Just because I don’t share your opinions, doesn’t mean they aren’t valid, and you have every right to express them.

          These have been a strange few years of internet media and podcasting gaining so much popularity, and the lines between follower/fan/friend are murky as all hell, I absolutely agree. I imagine it’s tough either way: you have to either maintain a persona, which then could disappoint people if they meet you and think you were putting on an act the whole time; or you choose to be yourself, with all your flaws, and then take the risk of folks possibly not liking who you are or what you’re about. And being yourself, while definitely helping to build a sense of community, I’m sure also backfires when people feel like they know you, even though it’s not a two way street.

          As for me personally, I’ve grown accustomed to, and tend to gravitate toward, podcasts where I either know or can reasonably assume that the hosts are being their own genuine selves. I like the reality and honesty that comes from that. I know that that means that I run the risk of finding out that they maybe have some feelings or beliefs I won’t agree with, but that’s just one facet of them as whole, real people. And I’m okay with that.

          • Secretly Gay Nate says:

            See?! High five, Giggleloop! I love for people to express what they really think and feel, but humility and respect are difficult for… all of us I imagine. Anyway, on reflection, I think I was too harsh. I really could have been more gentle… and probably more humble. Really, sorry, Mikey.

    • MikeyNeumann says:


      Okay, I'll bite.

      Yeah, I (pretty toothlessly) biffed on Fox News a bit. It wasn't about making a statement about our brand, I was just making a joke and I didn't really think it would offend anyone. But, the other one? I was given a show called "The NBC Nightly News" and asked to reboot it. I was being serious. Kris even called me out on them already having a liberal-leaning issue at that network and I was playing into that. Rachel Maddow _already works there_.

      I'm sure since CSS Ep 1, I have said all kinds of shit that I'd be less than happy to be reminded of, but I've also gone out of my way to beat up on all of the news networks: CNN, MSNBC, etc. I guess I don't see how _this_ episode, or even Morning Rush in particular for that matter, would instill a commentary like this. Feedback is welcome, admired, and accepted, but comparing liking Rachel Maddow and disliking Fox News to RACISM?!

      I'm sorry. No. Just, no.

      I have no problem avoiding the topics in the future, if anything, I think we've done a pretty good job avoiding them on MR almost entirely, but I need a grain of salt (or a barrel) on this one.

      Thank you, honestly, for your thoughts, but you even prefaced them with "no doubt insulting." How did you expect I would react to this?

      Shit, I might be even more upset about the George Lucas Midichlorian comparison!


      • Secretly Gay Nate says:

        thanks, Mikey. Not this show specifically, straw and camel chiropractors. (and alliteration)

        Couple points:
        1. Of course you're making a statement about your brand. That's the reason Apple makes electronics and refuses to sell clam chowder at their stores. They're good at the first and know better than to joust at the second. People don't go to the Apple store for creamed mollusk, but would certainly judge Apple if they started getting sand in their soup. Core competencies and all that.
        2. George Lucas, midichlorians, racism, and idiot uncles are all aimed at the same thing here: I'm trying to crack an awareness bubble. Passionate partisans on both ends tend to find warm little echo chambers to live in. Those same people then start to talk in ways that seem perfectly acceptable inside their self-selected social circles (granted, that's decidedely excessive alliteration) but can be hurtful when overheard by an outsider. You've got people in your audience who don't tune-in expecting to be called bigoted haters. If the (completely disproportionate, as you say) offense of racism is to be treated as a lesser person, a subhuman, someone worthy of diminished respect, then it's not completely unlike being sneered at as a credulous bigoted fool by a stranger for watching a dissapproved news channel. The listener gets belittled. Of course, racism and social bullying are different, particularly historically and as they scale in a culture. The point is the accusation of (I assume) thoughtless incivility. You seem like a warm-hearted guy, and if you were obviously a jerk I'd write you off. That's why I stopped to engage and just say, "hey, man… don't treat me like that."

        So please don't stop feeling strongly about your social and political views. Don't even stop talking about them on the podcast if you have something to say. Just stretch your (prodigious) imagination to remember that there are folks in the opposition -*among your fans*- who are not actually the cartoon villians generally presented by the mewling hoi polloi of reddit. Or MSNBC. (I swapped howling to mewling there just to avoid the alliteration. I wanted to keep the *wling part. you're welcome.) As a bonus, if you extend some respect to your ideological foes, they might be tricked into hearing enough to be persuaded of your view. Respect and persuasion are both superior goals to derision.

        Thanks for your response and for having the character to be appalled by the midichlorian jab. You are a kick ass performer and producerman.

  8. TonyLF says:

    This is awesome and I'm living in the Carolinas and have heard a lot about Cam Newton! You all make me laugh!

  9. Jeff Keys says:

    My reboot of Touched by an Angel is a dark, grim, grimdark reimagining of the series for an era of media that rejects colors and anything approaching nuanced depictions of human experience. Touched by a Satan will be a mature exploration of life in a world where no one ever stops being engulfed in literal fire.

    • Giggleloop says:

      I’d probably at least check out the pilot. I’m intrigued by the continuous literal flames. But if it’s obviously really poorly done CG, I’m out. Practical flames or GTFO.

    • Chloister says:

      Grim Grimdark is the name of the protagonist.

  10. partial spectator says:

    Get Smart: John Oliver as Maxwell Smart. Hosting an HBO news/talk/comedy show (also called "Get Smart") is his cover for the spying he does. He insists on having a ruggedized smartphone in the sole of each shoe as a callback to the original. Bonus revenue stream idea: Product placement, he plays a popular mobile game on his shoe in every episode.

    The Mighty Ducks – ten words: "There's no rule that says a duck can't play hockey!"

    Highway to Heaven – the new theme song is AC/DC's Highway to Hell because IRONY. A fallen angel biker must save 100 souls to atone for his own sins. In the style of My Name is Earl, even to the point of casting Jason Lee as the Highwayngel. Stick to saving people from addictions and abusive relationships. Don't make waves.

    Small Wonder: I really like The Pretender as inspiration. Suggestion: it's not a reboot, it's a sequel. The little boy from the original show has grown up, is still with her, and pretends to be her dad. Primary antagonist should be a little boy robot. Dark secrets about what happened to the original series parents are slowly revealed over the first season.

    JAWS IDEA #2: just an entire season of preachy documentary about how we're killing all the sharks and it's terrible.

    20,000 Leagues: Seaquest DSV: Enterprise. Complete with Scott Bakula as Nemo and a weird-ass country song theme.

    SERIAL: Season 2 is all about who

    Br Ba: The first step is to choose two new elements to base the title on. the new title is (Sm)ashing (Sc)ared, and it's about a schoolteacher who finds himself (or herself?) embroiled international rare-earth element smuggling. Plays off of the public's mild familiarity with Samarium and its importance to Raymond Tusk in House of Card's second season

    Nightly News with Brian Williams: This one is so hard because Brian Williams is actually sort of a "preboot" of Walter Mitty. Best I can come up with: bring in a new host every night, but have them all claim to be Brian Williams.

    WWE: Turn WWE into a tasteful and nuanced current events news show. Bring back Iron Sheik, and call his groupies Islamic State of Iron Sheik. Every episode is either Hulk Hogan beating the tar out of Iron Sheik, or some kind of liberal strawman manager telling him he isn't allowed to beat the tar out of Iron Sheik.

    Morning RUSH: cast Mikey Neumann as Kris Straub, and Kris Straub as Mikey Neumann. Never break character.

  11. partial spectator says:

    Jaws Idea #1 disappeared. The sharks get bigger and bigger; humanity's only hope is the Jaeger program. Mako Mori's allegiance is called into question because a MAKO IS A KIND OF SHARK! (dun dun dun)

  12. frostyplum says:

    Disappointed as all getout at the lack of a "Finding Nemo" joke. C'MON GUYS

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