Episode 16 – Patriot “Games”


Let our show slap your ears awake!

Mikey is off today, but Kris holds down the fort — along with the help of a special guest, as the news gets Rushed, a Game of Thrones quiz gets Crushed, and hot sauce is prepared to be Flushed!

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12 Responses to Episode 16 – Patriot “Games”

  1. brent says:

    I don't know if this is a nation wide phenomenon or if this is a just a stock character for radio broadcasters, but it's a dead ringer for Orlandos' Shot Dr on AM 740 the Game. take a look at some footage from a few years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d4Y_AywcyY

    • krisstraub says:

      Marcus Levon = Mark Levin, a conservative radio host. I used to tune into him when I lived in Dallas. I don't consider him at all indicative of a conservative mindset; he is a radical, incendiary conservative in the vein of Rush Limbaugh.

  2. JSpringfield says:

    That opening bit with making alcohol in your stomach is a real thing apparently! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto-brewery_syndrom

  3. Kyle_Douglas says:

    I was going to joke about "SabbataCon" obviously being an entire convention devoted to people asking Christopher Sabat to say his infamous "OVER 9000!" line over and over again, but I saw on his IMDb page that Sabat has done voice work on Borderlands and things got a bit #TooReal.

    And since I assume the reasons for Mikey's absence are also too real, best wishes to him.

    Moving along to "Kris on Kris on Kris Two: Too Many Krises," I continue to commend Kris for Marcus Levon being, I think, his best character performance I've heard across the entire podcast continuum. "You know who else is playing a game of thrones – with our country? It's Barack Hussein Obama… and Hilary Clinton, as well – who's his secret wife! Nah, I can't back that up." Stellar. "It's the red viper. The other one is the lie." Was also a standout self-interruption among a plethora of great ones.

    "Also, a special apology to Kyle Horner, who I accidentally said Kyle Douglas – who is a man I currently have a restraining order against. So, I'm sorry I read the wrong name last week."
    Whoa, whoa, hold your lushly-produced HBO-funded horses there. Last week, intentionally or not, the normal executive producer list was forewent in favor of reading the "chainsawsuiter" list.
    The difference was easily indicated by the lack of DOniNI last week. So I think that ano….

    Ah, I see. Well, that solves that mystery.

    • Giggleloop says:

      Killing me with the Photoshops, Kdoug. :)

      Sabbatican, or however it's spelled, sounds nice. Sign me up. I could use a sabbatical.

      Well done holding down the fort by yourself, Kris. I know stuff just in general has been kinda nuts lately, but we are always glad to hear a new podcast from any of y'all. Hope you're both well, and that we'll hear you together again soon. <3

  4. Ryan says:

    The fact that Marcus Levon is a GoT fan makes me feel bad for being a GoT fan. What did I do wrong in my life that led me down the same path as Marcus Levon????

    Props to Kris for putting this one out, and the superb quality of the editing in the Levon segment. Hope Mikey feels better soon.

  5. TonyLF says:

    I LOVE Marcus Levon. You're amazing Kris!!

  6. Tekkactus says:

    I bet you thought you could sneak that F Chords reference in there and no one would notice, huh Kris? NICE TRY.

  7. Chloister says:

    The podcast is still hilarious by yourself, though I'll be glad when Mikey is back. At first I thought the "absence" was going to be a gag and he would be a guest character, but alas.

    I'm not sure what is funnier: Marcus Levon, or Kris's reactions to Marcus Levon.

    I've been on the fence about trying GoT, but I think I've decided its not for me. I love fantasy, but not sadness. So!

  8. Renata_V says:

    Great episode!

  9. LMcCJ says:

    Great solo performance, Kris!

    Baby wine–should be free on airlines.

    I observed a Primal Scream thing once. Looked ridiculous. Don't do this people. (Too much weed in the 70s.)

    I've never read nor seen GoT, just what goes through my Twitter stream, so it should come as no surprise that I got a 3/6 on the quiz. (Marcus ruined 4 of the questions. Thanks, Marcus.)

    Putting Mikey's commercial at the end is almost like having him there. I sent him a Median *Life* Quencher gift basket so his life and being should be temperate by next week. Looking forward to it!

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