The Morning Rush AM Armada


CSWT cares! Morning Rush is made possible by endowments from majestic titans of glory like these.

Hessinger’s Old-Tyme Boilin’ Hams, Est. 1830
“Because boilin’ don’t burn the ham.” – Matt Hessinger, CEO

MacLeod Construction
“Built to Last! How long? Don’t ask” – Amy MacLeod, Foremanswoman

Main Street Electrical Parade
“I can get away with this because it’s my last name” – Alan Main

Gamble and Boys Father-And-Son Septic
“The boys’ small hands scrub your tank extra-clean” – Christopher Gamble, under litigation

Ringuette’s Ring-Outs: Door-To-Door Referee for Hire
“Have whistle, will travel” – S.R. Ringuette

Horner Vehicle Horn Repair
“Honk if your horn doesn’t work! We’ll be there” – Kyle Horner

Sam Winkler, Fonz Impersonations Ltd.
“Let me be the perfect Fonz for your event! Oyyyyy!” – Sam Winkler

Keys Decorative Locksmithing
“The keys I make don’t work, they’re just for display” – Jeff Keys

Derek Meyer’s “Mystery Meyer” Novel Series
“You won’t believe I can solve crimes” – Derek Meyer, author-in-training

“Donnini Da Nanny” Child Care Services
“Put your children’s lives in my hands” – Mark Donnini

Plus additional thanks to the following –

Chris Russell, chair lumbar support expert
Mike Caron, mousetrap wrangler
Jared Counts, plumbing dynamics
Chris Hinojosa, sound physicist
Justin Gorinsky, fashion consultant
Brian Riese, microphone height adjuster
ghastlycartographer, ghost mapper
Eben Sullivan, mixologist
Sam Kelly, coffee procurer
Michael Bencomo, cereal pourer
NativeRunner, farmhand
Jay Wood, pest control
John Svitek, keyboard comfort angle consultant
Uther Dean, gym technician
Susi Stuart, legal consultant
Jeremiah Maeda, volume knob turner
Adam Kennedy, commercialist
Steven Strahm, archival consultant
SanityisOverrated, breakfast taco folder
Alex Twiston-Davies, “on air” light turner-onner
Marta Wesselhoff, airhorn consultant
Taija Tevia-Clark, catering
J. Scott Jewell, finance
Danny Halloran, audio exports
Sean Dupree, production consultant
James T. King, money incinerator
Shane Kennedy, level twiddler
Daniel Schaefer, creme brulee chef
icewind, air conditioning
David West, understudy
Daniel Nocket, pigeon chaser
Carson Crawford, burrito microwaver
William Withers, mop engineer
Kevin Pigeon, tea consultant
Chinami Wirth, deltoid greaser
Mike Valverde, no introduction necessary
Benjamin Siepser, Chapstick applier
J’Neil Kind, armrest height engineer
Garrick & Jackie Backer, married news team
Christopher Legg, hosiery technician
Jeff Rubatino, room tone producer
Steve Ruzicka, reverb specialist
James McLoughney, laugh track removal
Robert McGuire, ex-CFO
Valan, modeling
Cian Booth, photographer
Clinton Jones, photo deletion
Dennis Owens, carpet repair
Peter Ryan, reupholsterer
Megan McClellan, station historian
Tim McDivitt, lookout
Michael Koes, ceiling maintenance
Chelsea Stearns, thumbs-up-from-control-room-giver
Ben Bennett, sales

These wonderful companies all contribute to Morning Rush with Kris and Mikey via Patreon. Thank you!